Animal rights law around the world: Turkey

This week, Turkey passed amendments to its Animal Rights bill, setting tougher standards for pet ownership. Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports some of the changes:

  • Re-defined conditions for a pet’s “comfort and wellbeing”
  • Requirement for prospective pet owners to participate in a training program and graduate with an “animal-care certificate”
  • Requirement for a pet owner to have “suitable accommodation that meets the pet’s ethological needs”
  • Requirement for a pet owner to care for the animal’s health
  • Criminalization of abuse, with penalties of fines (2,000 lira/$942 for torturing an animal) or prison sentences
  • Penalty for walking a dog without a leash and muzzle (500 liras/$236)
  • Requirement to “take precautionary measures to prevent environmental pollution”
  • Requirement for ethics councils to approve animal experiments
  • Penalty of up to two years in prison for bestiality
  • Still unregulated: animal sacrifice