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Happy Earth Day, everyone! In honor of the occasion, The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and National Zoo has launched its Endangered Song Project.

Today, only 400 Sumatran tigers remain in the wild. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has placed the species on a “critically endangered” list. The tigers are protected by Indonesian laws, which include provisions for jail time and fines. But, according to World Wildlife Fund, “despite increased efforts in tiger conservation—including law enforcement and antipoaching capacity—a substantial market remains in Sumatra and the rest of Asia for tiger parts and products. Sumatran tigers are losing their habitat and prey fast, and poaching shows no sign of decline.”

Smithsonian is partnering with Portugal. The Man, an indie rock band from Alaska, in a campaign to help protect this species from extinction.

According to WUSA9, 400 custom polycarbonate records have been made to release the song “Sumatran Tiger.” These 400 copies, which represent the 400 tigers, will only last for a number of plays — they need to be digitized and shared on social media with #EndangeredSong, or else the song will go extinct. Who’s getting these copies? Music artists, bloggers, wildlife conservationists, etc. And the digital versions have already begun to appear:



Here’s what you can do:

1. Search for digital uploads on SoundCloud, Myspace, Bandcamp, reddit, and YouTube.

2. Donate.


3. Check out this video to learn more, and start sharing!