My name is Danielle Haberer. I’m an animal lover, avid reader and writer, and pre-law student at the University of South Florida studying mass communications/magazine journalism.

This blog started out as an assignment for my advanced reporting class. The instructions were simple — blog daily for one week on a topic of your choice. After giving it some thought, I decided to start an animal law blog. I was introduced to the topic in a law and politics course the semester prior and immediately became interested in the rapidly growing field. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to combine my passion for journalism and passion for law… and of course, my passion for animals.

And so, Law of the Jungle was born. The week came to an end, but I had enjoyed the exercise so much that I decided to continue onward, sharing the latest updates in animal rights law with readers.

On days when I struggle to write, I look to my mini dachshunds, Bailey and Marley, for inspiration.

Bailey Marley








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